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We do walk dogs in packs but of no more than 6 dogs at a time. I have found that they love to interact and play with each other and it can provide them with good socialisation skills. We walk on beaches or country walks, for a minimum of 1 hr unless otherwise arranged. All poop is collected in recycled bags, and disposed of responsibly. We only charge for the walking time and none of our travelling costs. We are huge animal lovers and have been around animals all our lives so your best friend is in very good hands. We are also fully insured & First Aid credited.

Unless pre-agreed with you, we will never book a walk without meeting you and your dog first. There are no registration fees or charges for the pre visit.




I am now an Approved ADTB (Academy

of Dog Training & Behaviour) Instructor.


I have always thought that training is very important and have used basic training whenever I can. I decided that I was going to take it a step further and study to become a Dog Trainer and Behaviourist. I am now fully qualified  so can add training to the services that I offer. My main aim is to help owners to select the right dog for them and give them the tools to ensure that their dog grows into a well behaved and loved pet. I also wish to help owners whose dogs may already display challenging behaviours, thereby ensuring that they remain happy and homed.

I offer help with selecting your puppy & puppy training, Training with older/ rescue dogs and helping with behavioural problems. I have listed some of the training I offer opposite. If you are having issues that are not listed please contact me to discuss.

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1-2-1 Obedience Training for puppies, older puppies, adult & rescue dogs:


These one to one visits cover any basic training required and any obedience issues.

  • Sit, Stand & Down

  • Walking on a lead

  • Controlled greetings/ Jumping up

  • Recall

  • Car travel

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Behavioural issues




Going away? Then why not book your best friend on their own holiday.

Muddy Paws is the perfect place for your best friend to stay. They stay in our homes as part of the family, not in kennels.

Prefer someone to house sit for you? Extra security, and your pet gets to stay in their own home. We offer a house sitting service where we will look after your pet and home.

Got cats and want them fed? Not a problem, we offer a feeding service. This service is tailored to your individual requirements so contact us to discuss.

Coming down to Cornwall for a wedding perhaps? Bring your dog with you and they can holiday with us whilst you enjoy the festivities.

On holiday with your dog, but want to go to the beach or visit our many attractions? No problem, let us take your dog for the day. They will have lots of fun and will be happy and sleepy when you return!

Unless pre-agreed with you, we will never book a pet/house sit without meeting you and your dog first. When this is not possible we will be happy to arrange a Skype meeting between you and your pet/house sitter.

You will not be charge for the pre visit and we have no registration fees. We follow all local government procedures. Which can be viewed at your pre-visit.

Muddy Paws now have a group of Approved Pet Sitters who are all fully licensed and all offer the same level of service. It also means that we are rarely fully booked, handy for those last minute breaks!

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With this visit I can help you prepare for your new puppy. I will give you helpful advice and handy tips to help you through those first few weeks.

  • Advice on how to select your puppy

  • Preparing your home for your puppy

  • Bringing your puppy home/ first night

  • Basic early stages training

  • General advice



Pet Bereavement Service


Here we offer one - to - one on-line counselling sessions for anyone suffering the loss of a beloved family member. 

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